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  Police did not say what those items were, but a resident told The Chronicle that a friend of hers found what turned out to be Kaur’s black Coach purse — and a bag of bloody clothing — in her trash can about 11:50 a.m. last Monday, less than two hours before her garbage would […]

Professional portrait and corporate head shot photographer, Quentin Bacon, discusses how to be the best you in front of the camera by exploring the neurology, muscles and the value of good rapport in this blog post “Professional Photography” A San Francisco Bay Area Photographer, Quentin Bacon has photographed hundreds of subjects and brings with him delicate sensibility that assures for a great experience when working with professional models and non models, ie real people. Your face is a muscle. Have fun and use it!
Having a professional photograph you should be fun. If it’s not, it will show in your eyes, face and minds of those who view your profile.
The challenge lies beneath our skin where hundreds of involuntary muscles are responding and expressing themselves outside of your conscious control. If you’re just the slightest bit at unease, your face and body will whisper to the world that you’re not present.
The primary relationship we have with our face is the one we have with our mirrors, not a camera. Socially, we’re just not accustomed to flexing our facial muscles and delivering on cue. This is why all those great “looks” you see in your reflection get lost in photographs….